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Around the year 2000, I began to realize that wholesalers were placing my father in a position where he had to sell his fruits at drastically reduced prices compared to market values available. A similar situation was being forced on many orchardists and this lack of respect for their hard work was beginning to take its toll on their livelihood and way of life.

Prompted by the lack of concern shown by wholesalers I decided now was the time to take over the family business and make some positive changes.

Firstly, I engaged several research institutions for the development of advanced farming technology. With their help, I spent three years researching and developing homeopathic techniques, allowing me to brew vinegars with the fruits from our own orchards. This led me to establish “Nature Brew Biological Technology Co. Ltd”. We are now committed to adding value to our produce by making natural, safe and high-quality vinegar from the fruits we grow ourselves.
Our commitment to making healthy vinegars prompted us to employ the static culture method. This is the only method that we are comfortable using, although it requires longer times for fermentation and higher costs.

These days, most people live stressful lifestyles, which can jeopardize their health. “Nature Brew’ insists on using entirely self-grown fruits and natural processes for our vinegars to ensure we provide some balance with products that are 100% health promoting for our customers.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to enjoy of our carefully brewed vinegars.


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